Anthony Scopatz

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Zappa Plays Zappa

Oh My!  It was at least everything I thought it would be!  Dweezil did some serious channeling of his father, and is hands down one of the best guitarists I have ever seen.

The show lasted a staggering 3 hours, after which I could not really hear.  The girl standing next to me took off her panties and threw them at Dweezil as one is like to do at these sorts of events.

PROS:  Amazing music, some almost even had a hint of metal in it, A huge portion of the show was dedicated to “Joe’s Garage”.

CONS:  They didn’t play “Peaches”!  If you ever wanted to see penises, just wear x-ray glasses to that show.

All in all, it was great.  They played sort of an album version of the song “Joe’s Garage”, an amazing live rendition of  “G-Spot Tornado”, and they did NOT play “The Torture Never Stops”.  You would have loved it.