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Your Favorite Band

I have made it back to the Beautiful, Yet Dumb, Santa Ynez Valley.

Things are a bit hectic since my mom did pick up Fraggle at the Reno Shelter. The new dog is super hyper even at a year old. Also, only my mother and I seem to think adopting Fraggle was a reasonable idea. Everyone else is disproving. But they more or less were against Jo Jo, too.

So last night and this morning were spent building a 10’x10’x6’ Dog Kennel/Run so my mom can at least theoretically get away from this mutt from time to time.

It feels to be good to be back “home”. Hangin’ out with my brothers doing real house work. We then ran to the YMCA and worked out and played basketball this afternoon.

Aside from seeing family, the highlight of my return is that I got the next three Gundum discs from Netflix. Char is still awesome! Looking forward to the birthdays in LA this weekend.