Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

You know nothing, Anthony Snow

Well it seems like I can’t please everyone. Some people think my posts are too long. Others feel they are too cryptic. Still others think that my ‘musings on women’ and my sexuality are ‘annoying.’


Exciting News! So given the recent criticisms, I am going to tell you about it in a short, encoded, and peevish fashion.

So while I was in Paris, my adviser and I had a meeting where we decided that it would be good for me to spend some time north of the wall. It is known that it is quite a magical land up there. Which is good since previous attempts to befriend the majestic unicorn have been successful. So it looks like this expedition is going to take place. It took a lot of work to get this off the ground. After all, one does not simply jumping stilts into Mordor.

However, in the interim Super Secret Project 2 has come to a close. How this affects the northern climes (not to mention where everyone loves vagina) is unclear. It has also come to light that Duncan Idaho of House Atreides has a made a similar passage to the one I am about to embark upon. I expect an upset among expatriate Argentine cowboys.

Unlike K. D. Lang (not my brother), Super Secret Project 2 is not +5. Maybe it is -5. Maybe it is 0. Maybe it is +2.5. Still, I now have no desire for lollipops nor hats worn by old ladies. Despite what you believe, people change.

Sisyphus-like, we build. “*Things fall apart; it’s scientific.*”