Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


So this weekend was pretty crazy and I can rant and rave about various people and experiances but I will keep everything clean.

Instead I am going to tell everyone about my supercool HackMaster game. So I think I mentioned that my campaign had too many players for one game and instead we have formed two parties that will coexist. Well, it got even wilder. So we have 12 slots open but a potential 14 players so I am forced to come up with ways to get players to leave the game tactfully! How nutso is that?!

The Evil Party is really hyped and definitely my type of role-players. The party thusfar is made up of one Mute Monk, a Bounty Hunter, a Wild Mage and a Blood Mage. They are so screwed until they get a Cleric, and they know it. On the other hand they know they will have to be creative to solve most problems. Also, It is nice that they all understand that they can’t be Stupid Evil and are prepared to rock my socks.

The good party still needs to get fully up and running but I am hoping to play sometime with them sometime this week. Their theoretical makeup is a monk, thief, cleric, ranger, and some sort of magic user.

This Campaign has the potential to be my Magnum Opus. It would be hard to top this set up. There is just SOOOOO much fun stuff you can do when yuo are playing one group off of another that is simply not doable with one party. Also, I am positive that it makes the game much much more interesting for the players since less of the creative output they see is coming directly and only from me. Also since I am blatantly stealing characters (with justification) from at least 3 other campaigns as initial main NPCs, I am certain that helps increase the creative content. These players are really in for a treat like no other.

It is so nice too, being able to design campaigns with contingents. The sucess or faliure of one party with thier tasks can and will have direct effects on the game world that the other party sees when they play. In addition, to make things suitable ambiguous, the parties may occasionalyl have the same goal but for different reasons, goals which can only be achieved through their cooperation…which would rock since I am going to give them suitable enough reasons to be enimies.

And after the goal is achieved…Battle Royale!

This will be spectacular. Keeping the parties roughly balanced will be the hard part. But really if that is the least of your worries, you are sitting pretty.

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