Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

What?! A Month?

So I haven’t updated in a WHOLE month. Even my “minimum once-a-week” rule has been shamelessly broken. My Google Reader is in a complete disarray. I have been busy.

Right now is the first night of a 10 day stint in Madison. It has involved, keys, bike rides, meeting people, citywide WiFi, bourbon on the rocks, and beer. Have I mentioned that I love this place yet? Fear not AustiKnights, you are still bigger and have better weather. I was really concerned that I would be completely burnt out by the time I got up here and come to resent this trip, but so far I love it.

Of course loving Madison requires leaving the Pumpkin Patch behind


…though supposedly drunken corn mazes are all the rage up here. (1 liter of Cranberry Juice and 1 liter of Vodka in a Camelbak, seriously?! That is fantastic.)

But that has all been in the last 2 and a half days. Before that I was in the Bay Area. Someday I will live in my house. Can I hear it for November?

If there is one thing I have learned, there are a lot of fucking cool people in America. All distilled separately, it proves hard to mix them. Seems I’ll just have to keep travelling and sampling.