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We Keep You Safe

Two (2) important things went down yesterday.

1) LARP in Irvine with Andrew.

I went to play in a LARP with Andrew in Irvine. I played Razza as most of the others were Silver Dawn Chars. The game was interesting and well run. The idea was that we were ported to some demi plane with a room with a bunch of artifacts on the second floor. If we took these artifacts downstairs, the items would activate and fun stuff would happen. I died. Trying to save people. And then was revived so no harm, no foul.

However I was playing Razza, and the distinct lack of anything to hit or any clear enemy made it not really my forte. However, in typical Razza fashion I did crazy and silly things that moved the game forward with out anyone really realizing the accomplishment. Not really understanding the idea of an artifact, I talked with everything that could talk. I found a humanoid statue that had a lovely personality that told me they could combine magical things. Being bored and wanting more death I took him downstairs to start combining ad nausea.

I, personally, figured out the key to getting out of the demi plane (combining three magic tables) a couple of hours before it was done in game by other players and only after several hints from the GMs. I didn’t tell anyone else, because hey! It’s Razza. It wouldn’t have been a high priority for him and other “more qualified” individuals had taken over the magic combining fun. Very tough RP session for Razza. But that is why I like him so much. He almost never does what I would do, but it has come to be exactly what everyone expects him to do.

My cousin’s new girlfriend, Kerry3, had heard of Razza only as “That Monk”. Have I told you how superb that is?

As far as the Protomen go….OMG they rocked my lobster.

They were so good. Their opener, the Megas, were pretty good to. They played almost all songs that were ballads from the perspective of the different bosses. Really neat. I hadn’t heard of them before but will have to buy their album when it comes out. Awesome prep for what was to come and it was even cooler that they joined in among our ranks for the Protomen.

The Protomen played their album basically straight through. This was expected since it is a rock opera. The Protoman helmet had a microphone built into it, which *is* the coolest thing I have seen.

Now the most orgasmic, auto-destructive thing I have ever seen is when they played “Unrest in the House of Light”. The song goes through pulses where it is slow and Dr. Light is addressing Megaman and then where the guitar takes over and the place falls apart, and each time the guitar takes over the situation is a little more extreme than before. This was echoed by the audience fully. The band had complete control over this savage beast.

It was nice to know that I am not the only one who knows all of their lyrics and blasts their sound in my car melting faces whither I go.

All in all the concert was and amazing experience. Anyone and everyone who is in Austin should, need, and, must go to their show in Austin. Great times (and pictures if you are into that) await.

I can’t wait to see them again someday and now I really am excited for Nightwish (which we are all going to BTW). Because as far away and lame as Tennessee is, Finland is much farther and a poor second to Belgium when going abroad.

Kerry Prime once said something to be about respecting and liking the disconnect between the social climber, businessman sort of persona who is really into punk music.

Hope rides alone!