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I think, therefore I amino acid.

We Don’t Need No Water

Reasons to let MFs burn or To start hoarding your water like a Freman.

1) The Zaca Fire: Where I am staying right now, at my parents, there is a huge fire in the back country that had a big surge today. It has been burning for a month and will burn for another as estimates project. The sky was an unnatural red from all of the ash that covered a half-space of the sky. I went outside today and all of the colors where surreal and off. The trees where a disturbingly darker green. All of the browns of dirt and dried grass were red-fuchsia. Shadows, rather than being black, where a deep maroon. My skin was weired jaundice and sunburned color. The sky was a fabulous yellow and red and brown and pink. My mother is praying for our house to burn, but the winds are blowing wrong. The house of Shaitan is close.

2) Gantz: My cousin told me he had seen this anime’s first couple of episodes at AX and that it was wacky. I just finished all of it today after starting it 36 hours before. It is amazing. Basically, selected people who die instead of whatever else happening they get transported to a room with essentially a sphere of annihilation in it. The sphere starts making playing old exercise music before explaining the night’s hunt to all of the new and (few) returning players. Players get an hour to be set free inside of a 1 km^2 region of Tokyo where they try to hunt specific aliens. Those who survive are healed and then get to live normally until the next game date.

Now that you know the gimmick, I’ll explain why it is cool. Let’s start with the fact that I think there are Two (2) main reasons for watching anime: 1) Superior Art, it is aesthetically pleasing to look at in traditional and experimental senses, 2) Long running, contiguous story lines typically with adult and socially meaningful themes. Both of these reasons are, for me, what distinguishes anime from other cartoon production. That being said, I didn’t find the art in Gantz to be particularly great. I am not really a fan of the new style, computer made stuff anyways. The story line rocks though. Unlike Eva, which breezes through the battles quickly, in 26 episodes only 4 games were run. It was much more like Slayers where there are these epic battles that go on like 4-5 shows…when you think about this it is an hour long+ battle sequence. The Characters are similarly developed. Also the special abilities of the aliens were exceptional and expected. I’ll put it this way, the fights (at least all but the first) were ridiculously hard. Very very very much worth seeing. Very high on the violence and language count, which allowed them to make the most natural Shaft reference anywhere anytime. The male main character named Kei did something stupid and cool and then one of the back ups said “He’s one bad mother.” and the other, frustrated because they were under fire, said “Shut your mouth!”

3) Because of Gantz and the Fire I had this dream last night where I was systematically killing off all of the captains of the Enterprise in order. Even people who were only acting captains. I killed Kirk, then I got Picard with a nerf gun/football-thing in the mouth from the window of a moving vehicle. I then got Ricker and then Data. I forgot Troi so I will have to go back for her tonight. Then I got the Quantum leap guy from Enterprise. I don’t normally have dreams I like (I only have nightmares), and while this was horrific, I found it amazingly satisfying.

4) I’ll say this because it needs reiterating. I thought I was crazy for liking Protomen. It is sweetness in my heart to know there are others. Let this city burn through the night.

And I am off to Three Rivers, catch you on the Kaweah or on the Flip side!