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Watch It

Once again I find myself painfully bored with editing.

Because there was such a cacophony against what I wrote about “Watchmen” and most of it echoed each other, I have started this thread as a general response. You know rather than repeating myself ^_^.

Ok So let me clarify again. I did like it. I really did. However, everyone I ever talked to before reading seemed to say that it was a 9 or a 10. I didn’t think so. I would put it more at a 7 or an 8. And that is all I was trying to get across and gave my reasons why I would place it lower than most people.

1) Publishing date and temporal relativism: Yes, I understand that “Watchmen” came out before Cthulu was ‘cool’ and ‘overused’. I knew this while reading it, which is why I more or less give it a pass on this front. I didn’t mention this originally so much as a criticism as much as a personal taste thing.

Only having a 20 year shelf life for me is incredibly short compared to the rest of the works on my bookshelf (off by a couple of orders of magnitude). Which is why *I* would rate it lower than your normal human being. Tolkien only had about 50 years. And who knows GRRM could have even less. But I am prepared to judge books by future standards when that time comes.

But there are other Sci-Fi/Fantasy works that at this time still seem to be fairly transcendent of time. Sure Asimov was only expanding on classical themes (Golem, etc). Okay, Herbert achieved his different voices mostly through insane perturbations of obscure words. Both of these authors worked before “Watchmen” and retain their presence.

2) Hitting/Missing: Actually, I am pretty sure I didn’t miss the point. I got it and I liked it. I didn’t really talk about the postmodern elements in my original post because I thought that this was one of the larger marks in its favor. I really wanted that post to be about what I didn’t like, and specifically how the voice thing bothered me so much (since this seems unique, and therefore interesting).

But now that you bring it up, I loved it. Specifically, the stuff with the privateer comic-in-the-comic stuff was amazing. Reading those sections provided me with a multitasking challenge that I found difficult at 4 am.

The fact that the characters are supposed to represent other more well known characters is sort of a given in order for the author to make the points and commentaries he wants to make.

And Blah! I need to start editing again. I have a lot of thoughts on modernism, post-modernism, and post-post-modernism. But I guess it has got to wait.

BTW the tag for the original post was an in joke to the people in Austin. So don’t be confused by it.