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Walker On

While rereading some of my old posts recently, I was reminded of the Good ‘Ole OK Cupid - Walker Project. For the newer readers, I have a series of fake, passive OKC profiles where I let people message me. Humor follows. Check out the link.

So here is an update of the latest batch of hilarious messages that people have sent Jessica (bi/f) and Mark (gay/m).

#1 to Jessica:
tucson and austin are very much alike cities. i <3 tucson.
#2 to Jessica:
I LARP, still do from time to time. Is that too dorky for you?

Your profile didn’t really say, so I am wondering what you are looking for right now?

#3 to Jessica:
hi nice pic of you laying down too bad I can’t see your face whats your name ?
#4 to Mark:
ha. That pic of you two in black with cowboy hats — looks like y’all are Siamese twins. Oh well. A man can dream
#5 to Mark:
i spotted a bear flag and I agree with everyone else’s reaction on that adorable mustache. What’s up? Hugs
#6 to Mark:
This Jesse, and I’m deaf mean I cant hear and speaking…SO What do u like 2 with me? You;re so sexy, i just check your picture so sexy and cute! winks!
#7 to Mark:
hey sexy so what’s up with you? do u want to have alittle fun… yeah, i know my profile says straight but i still like to have fun with guys… i just keep it low key! :P
#8 to Mark:
Hi I read your profile and I like what is there. I am new to Texas and I love it here so far. I love to dance and not very good at it, but do it for fun. I would like to find someone to have fun with. You look like that person. I am not that good looking, but am losing weight. check out my profile and let me know what you think.
I am interested in getting to know more about you sexy thing you. I hope that we can get to know more about each other and see where things end up.
Then, Three Months Later
Love your profile and pics. You are soo sexy. Wanna chat?

And once again the litmus test of my life reveals that only gay men covet my assets.

So favorites, everyone? Post a comment telling the world which one you like the most! Mine is either #3 or #7.