Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


Yesh…I am tired.

A lot has been going on lately. After my vacation to the west coast, a week later my parental unit (mother, father, and grandmother) visited for a week. While all of this was quite exciting, pleasant, and needed I am now far behind on real work. Not hopelessly so, but still. Since my parents were leaving on Saturday, I decided to take the rest of Shabbat off and relax. This turned out to be kind of a disaster.

On A Totally Unrelated Note: I invited one of my friends over, but was abandoned.

On A Totally Unrelated Note: I desperately need to speak to one of Varys agents, but have not recently had the opportunity.

On A Totally Unrelated Note: I am poor because the Birthright deposit wiped me out. Yes it is free. Yes there is a deposit. And yes I plan to go, though it is with my brother. I wouldn’t go alone.

On A Totally Unrelated Note: I haven’t been as interested in dating lately. But as my coz points out, this could just be that my parental unit was in town.

On A Totally Unrelated Note: I have been having strange, reoccurring dreams lately. By which I mean nightmares. They are, more or less, me watching a fight between Duncan Idaho from “Dune” and Cpt. Ahab as played by Gregory Peck from “Moby Dick”. Frankly, they need to stop.

On A Totally Unrelated Note: I received an unexpected email from an old friend. I responded but have heard no further reply.

On A Totally Unrelated Note: I have, through this delirium, been wondering at the validity of online dating. Maybe it is just making me think I am putting myself out there while I actually am not. I am not getting any AND I am not doing any in the flesh flirting. I mean, maybe I never did. I used to think that any sex, even bad sex, still was worth it on some level (new experiences, etc). Since I have reversed decision I feel like I have an obligation to myself to go out in active search of things that I enjoy. But HEY! Guess who is super busy and whose parents are in town?!

On A Totally Unrelated Note: I realized today that I don’t have any hobbies that involve other people or that can’t be done alone. This should probably change.

On a related note, I should probably get some sleep. Why that homework took me 20 hours of which I will probably only get a 50% on, I will never know. As I have said before, I am just stupid enough to not know when to quit.