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Tween Rant

I am delightfully, shamefully, obsessively enthralled by “A Double Shot at Love“. Much to my academic disgrace.

The show is basically a dating ‘reality’ show with twin bisexual women as the love object. Separately of course. We still believe in strict monogamy on MTV apparently. And that right there is what makes this show amazing!

There is this carefully cultivated sense on the program that taboos are breaking like a monster truck on thin ice. However, anything even slightly non-whitebread is squashed rather quickly. Let’s look shall we?

  • They kicked off Claudia, the Dominatrix, in first episode.
  • The most wave-shot Surfer dude, Trevor, is the one both the *ikki twins agree on.
  • Out of the twelve women competitors only two were even vaguely butch.
  • The first was Bella who was let go in the first episode because she has tattoos :gasp:!
  • The second, Nicky, was kicked off in the third episode because the twins trapped her into saying that maybe sometimes she has thought life would be easier if she had a penis. On some level isn’t that just restating what feminists and equalists say about female inequality in this country.
  • The stereotypical frat boy Scott, who is operating under some head-based hanky code, is still on the show.
  • Luckily, east coast elitists like Jen are eventually also weeded out by the non-plastic people clause.
  • However, Coop and Ben, token Black and Jew, are gone in episode two.

Alright, so the *ikki twins have fairly narrow vision in terms types. They are bisexual but also bimodal: Straight Boys or Fem-to-the-point-of-passing-as-Straight Lesbians. And the show relies on base tropes for its humor.

But then again, maybe there is something to be said for just having a show about twin bisexual women on television. I am not saying that it is revolutionary, but it is not without social context either (sort of like Willow on Buffy). Let’s face it. 50 years ago you couldn’t have had a show about homosexuals on TV. 25 years ago you couldn’t have a show about lesbians or gays. 10 years ago you couldn’t have had a show about bisexuals on TV.

So maybe we are progressing. Maybe we are going somewhere. Maybe we are liberating ourselves.

But then again, maybe not. Oh Mein Papa, you are not helping. (On the plus side the Google query “Gay Pope” now returns valid hits.)