Anthony Scopatz

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Trople in Paradise

Ok, everybody remembers when Wikipedia was shiny and new right? You would spend hours getting lost in the flow of the links. Luckily Michael introduced me to this amazing website: TV Tropes. Sadly, it is just as addicting.

More or less it goes through about every form of media (including REAL LIFE) and links it to the tropes, cliches, plot devices that the piece at hand utilizes. So it is more or less amazing.

Be forewarned that is completely written by nerds of the “New Media Studies” variety. So if you don’t get the humor I apologize. This also means that while they may have listed every anime known to man, they have probably left out your favorite silent film. In any event, it is hilarious!

But with such a proliferation of tropes, including ones that are older than dirt, one has to wonder if it is even possible to come up with something new and original. Everything you touch will be cataloged and made fun of on this website.