Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

To prevent being emo,

I held off on writing this for a couple of days.

More or less the situation is that I owe money all over the country and no one (financial institution) is willing to help until payday or afterwards. For a while there were serious doubts about me being able to fund getting home / continue paying for the hotel here.

It isn’t that I am not owed the money. I will be reimbursed, eventually. But I wasn’t sure I had the credit to live on. Then of course there are the host of other burdens that I won’t get into.

I have, sadly, gotten good at this so I remained calm and it didn’t really bother me, on a conscious level. But something was definitely triggered inside. For a few days there I was fully distended. Like fully to the max limit distended. No drugs or amount of calming myself down worked (I was already calm).

I haven’t been this bad in a while, but all of the old symptoms reemerged. I was fatigued, had an insatiable headache, trouble moving, self-esteem problems, severe pain, and constipation. I swear I am the only man whose ribs show when he lifts his arms and whose belly looks pregnant at the same time. It is unnatural I tell ye’!

I more or less waited it out in bed.

1) I bought a book and have gotten through a good portion of it. “A History of the Jews” by some goy. It a good, stuffy, and academic History that I have been wanting. Not afraid to say what the archeology supports and doesn’t support. Unfortunately also not afraid to draw the occasional parallel between unrelated new and old testament folks.

2) I tried playing Crisis Core, but it bored me since I had already beaten it.

3) Tried to play the original Dynasty Warriors on my PSP. Beat a map or two but it is so inferior to the game play of the new ones that I just don’t think I will be able to get through it. Once and a while maybe to feed my hack-n-slash addiction. Also since I bought the copy used it came without the liner notes. I only was able to beat the first map or two on the first try because I had gotten so good at Gundam.

4) Willing watched Star Trek: TNG for the first time in a long while….And only because I came in on the episode where Picard —> Borg. And then they did a Data-Lore episode. Amazingly they used some of Troi’s broken abilities so I wasn’t screaming at her the whole time. I think this helped more than anything.

Wish me health.