Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


The one thing I love, above all, about Art is its ability to challenge. I have recently started listening to some of Neil Young’s non-radio tracks and he is spectacular. Albeit in a different direction, his music is every bit as impossible to wrap your mind around as Zappa’s from a musicality standpoint. When he is making social commentary (which is often enough), it is typically about a more common human experience or is much more direct social justice message than Zappa’s immersion into a decadent society that lies and cheats and manipulates the masses. Interestingly enough, their methodology of taking a well-recognized form of music and running with those themes off the deep-end and adding in a little moral whether you are aware of it or not, is strikingly similar and is not something most musicians do, or artist for that matter. Listening to the works of their pathos is a far cry from the indulgence in camp of Susan Sontag’s world. Mrs. Sontag is of course correct that I fundamentally enjoy the experience, so I allow myself to continue listening. I guess what I am trying to say here is that Neil young is really good, and not just because he is really good.

Worthy of note, also, I went to a Gay hour at a cafe, because one of my friends didn’t want to go alone. The funny thing is that I think I liked the place a bit more than he did. Interestingly enough, I would say that an unhealthy proportion of the people in there were extroverts: 90+%.

Valentines day was. I hardly noticed but I did get some free flowers today from someone who was getting rid of them post-festivities.

I have been getting excited about a possible Big Bend trip. I really want to go. It has been too long. Oh OH! I am now officially a member of the Sierra Club. They are sending me a free backpack. It should be pretty sweet I think.

I went to a really interesting seminar today about Ancient Greece, its relevance now, and Western Civilization. The speaker was amazingly perceptive. I would have had his babies. He basically made the argument that “western” was geographically independent and has been for 2,500 years as it originally applied only to those on the western Aegean. It also goes the other way, and claims that countries such as Japan and South Korea are western in every sense of the way he means it. To illustrate the list of interesting points he made would take longer than his lecture, but suffice it to say that he expressed very well a lot of things about society I had noticed since my Myers-Briggs awakening, which basically amounts to my awareness about systems of people.

I have now rambled on long enough such that no one will have made it all the way here. If you have though you can leave a little comment saying “Screw You Scopatz!@! I should kill you where you stand for saying Guad-a-Loop!”