Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

This Town is a Sealed Tuna Sandwich

Nothing is funny today.

If getting here in the middle of the week was bad enough, I am absolutely dreading this weekend. I don’t even have anything specific to hate.

I have a car now so I guess I could take off and go somewhere but I am surrounded by Idaho!

I don’t know why this place depresses me so. If anyone actually wants to live here I say let them…move them all here.

I have decided to get out of here at the first opportunity, which means next weekend I am going to force myself to go to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. It would be a crying shame if I came up here and didn’t go to the National Parks.

I don’t really want to go either. I simply couldn’t live with myself if I passed this up.

It isn’t that I am lonely. I am horrified by life.

The way people make their comings and goings is atrocious. I cannot safely say that I want to kill everyone around me, rather I want them dead.

I *know* I don’t get to make this decision; I *know* it would not be Righteous to have them all destroyed. If I were Lot, Idaho would be rubble and I’d never look back.

I also know I am quite misanthropic today. A true dystopia would be preferable to this absolute atrocity of a land.

HEAR ME NOW IDAHO, I, a Latter Day Saint of sorts, have come to tell you to get out while you can! Leave Before this place descends into a pit of its own awfulness.

A pretty girl is like a violent crime
If you do it wrong you could do time
But if you do it right it is sublime
—The Magnetic Fields.