Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Think of the children!

In case your not a complete nerd, the EIA (Energy Information Administration) is the non-partisan statistical arm of U.S. Department of Energy.  Most people would find the most of their site extremely boring.  “I brake for `Alabama’s nuclear power profile`_.”


But can you deny the cuteness of ENERGY ANT?!

That’s right.  The EIA has an absolutely amazing kids website, complete with adorable mascot.  Their nuclear page starts off with an awesome picture of the Sun and is otherwise remarkably even-handed and informational.

However, my favorite page is by far the interactive riddles.  Welcome to my blog; welcome to puns I have stolen from children.

Q: In which part of the jail are energy criminals kept?
A: The fuel cells!

Q: What did the solar cells say to their cloudy boss?
A: We need a rays!

Q: How do energy-conscious people feel about wind power?
A: They are blown away!

Enter Haiku:

Hark, Energy Ant,
Red statistical thorax,
You are so dreamy.

Ok kids, write your own energy ant haiku in the comments!