Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

They Don’t Make It

SO I went down to LA tis weekend and visited friends from college and before. It always amazes me how old friends fit like a pair of old shoes. Comfortable and warm, enjoyable and meant for each other are these relationships. What I love most about these times is how little it matters what the two of you have done in the intervening time. You just put ‘em on and run.

You are not friends because of the difference that currently keep you apart, but are friends because you are there in the moment with each other. This camaraderie is refreshing. The Post-Masters-Degree-Coital high was fun and lasted a couple of days, but I quickly got sick of it in some ways. The fact that with certain friends it doesn’t matter either way is spectacular. This is mainly true for the friends that were spared the destruction while it occurred (Sorry Austin).

Also I am always pleased at the selection my cousin’s entourage makes in terms of adding new people to their greater friend group. I have yet to be disappointed. Even if these are merely fair-weather friends, the sea is clam, the sky is blue, the wind is solid, and it is smooth sailing from here.