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The Post that was Promised: A Plethora of Anthonys

This weekend was pretty stellar. It could have gone either way, but it actually turned out pretty damn well. This pleases me.

The best single quote of the weekend was at the begging. I was at Guy’s Night on Friday which was pretty fun. Hanging out, watching people get drunk, shootin’ the shit, et cetera. At one point, and there after, the host was babbling on the floor, out of his mind. A hilarious drunk.

Anthony (not me): So, man, do you get hangovers?
The Host: Like a Bachelor-and-a-Half!

I nearly died; you just know he has been practicing that line in front of a mirror, completely sober. Still, the most important part of Guy’s Night for me was that I got to be introverted in a very natural and comfortable way. There was only one point where I stepped down from a conversation that my little Extrovert was screaming out to challenge. Both banality and evil won the day.

Saturday I took a bike ride down to Town Lake, around Zilker park and back up. It was one tasty time. But this brings up the point that I think I am gaining most of my muscle mass right now in my legs. Which is ok I guess. But still not quite what I was going for…

Later, I met up with Josh and we went to dinner (Garlic Fries and Arnold Palmer!) and to Star Trek. I am not really going to comment on the movie, but I will say that I have *only* found one negative review. It appears that George R. R. Martin thinks it kinda blew. He is wrong; the movie did the one thing that movies of this sort are supposed to do. It entertained me. But still it is interesting to hear a dissenting opinion from one of my favorite living authors. (Doubly strange since his friend Melinda Snodgrass wrote a few Next Generation episodes.)

After I got home from the flick, Anthony (not me, not from Guy’s Night) from Houston came into town. It was like 9:30 and we decided to hit the town. After some pre-drinks, we walked downtown, became suitably inebriated, went to Katz’s, and walked home. It was really great to see him and get some time to talk with him away from other trappings.

We talked about a lot of the lameness that has occurred to both of us in the recent past, which needs not be rehashed here. But we also talked about a lot of the good stuff too. During this, I explained to him the “Fine Specimen of a Man” conceptual continuity that has driven me for the past few years. He, like many, took an opposing stance.

But his argument, from how I understand it, was much different than say my mother’s. He was lobbying that my perspective is wrong. Rather than doing this for myself with possible side benefits to external relationships, that I need not pursue any sort of fine specimen status because it all boils down to “Brand: Me” anyways. How you sell yourself to people is much more important than what you actually are. I actually agree with him.

But I am terrible at selling myself. Even to my own PhD committee. And I am independently-minded. I want to try to look good and maybe feel healthy because I want to know how it feels first person. I want this transformation. I want it for me. Not for you or the world or to slut around with.

On Sunday, I did my usual routine and did some work. But then I went and saw closing night or the “Wheels of Wonderland” show. I saw opening night as well. Hilarious again. It is a bike/carnival/awesome themed interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland”. Luckily, Anthony from HTX made it in time for the show. So he took some pictures of the show and the cast.

I then offered to help drive this giant snake bicycle back to the Austin Bike Zoo. This entailed some loading and unloading but was generally an awesome experience. But then Anthony wanted to eat and I needed coffee so we crashed their cast party at this Vietnamese place.

In the end I replaced a Tootsie Roll Pop that I had stolen the weekend before.

Anthony and I went home, played a little DWG2, watched some movies online and crashed.

It was a pretty rock solid few days. I am appeased.