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The House on the Hill Took Me in That Day

Let me start off this post by making it very clear that I do love the land of my birth and some parts of California are among the most beautiful I have ever seen. That being said, Flame On!

Having driven all around this country I have noticed an interesting trend about personal/external aesthetics. It seems that the uglier the place is, the more the general populous living there cares about personal appearance. Conversely, the more gorgeous a local is perceived to intrinsically be, the less the residents take care of their body. Naturally this is broad and may have some anomalous bumps.

Although Southern and Northern California may have at time had some natural beauty, the Bay Area and LA have been paved and scarred for generations now. Nature has been more absconded here than in almost any other location in the country (NYC maybe worse, I have never been). In other words the populated parts of California rank among my least favorite places to exist in. These parts of the west coast are disgusting and overgrown.

Why then are they also home to per capita the hottest, sexiest, fittest people in the country. Additionally, the degrees of these variables are much more varied than from Arizona to Florida.

It can’t be that *all* of the beautiful people somehow flock to the coasts once they are of age. Many of the people I know or have met that I put a cut above the standard populous were born here or have lived in California since they were small children.

This is why I am lead to think that is something more subtle and insidious. I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that people who grow up in such a man-made environment internalize this non-nature. Since beauty is not being provided to them in their everyday, aestheticism is taught to be built up from the inside.

The easiest thing to alter is outward appearance. Hence, beauty is not obtained by going for a hike or by appreciating birds. Beauty is found by making oneself beautiful. Everyone wins, right?

Well, not if you want it all ^_~