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The Golden Compass

It is too bad Lyra isn’t Italian.

So I finished “the Golden Compass” today. It is definitely one of the best kids books I have ever read. The story is fast and engaging and follows a complicated plot as seen from a very convincing childlike perspective.

The real reason this book is a feat is that the main character (in fantasy terms) has one and only one special ability. The singularness of it is not what is amazing, but rather what it is. Her special ability as far as I can tell is that she is a compulsive and convincing liar.

This doesn’t really strike one as something that would be all that helpful, but it turns out that the way she uses this tactic over and over again is done with extreme deft and care. Also it is quite odd to think of a hero as someone so weaselly without actually being an anti-hero.

I look forward to picking up the next book in the trilogy even though I may not do it immediately. I am in 3R and just bought a book that I have been eying for a few years now. This one is called “Conifers of California”. It is a very pretty and informative illustrated manual. Odd the coffee table here we keep a collection of books about the trees in the park and I am going to add this one to it. I, of course, have read them all cover to cover but the rule is that I have to read them while in Three Rivers. I probably should tick off all of the trees in there that I have personally seen in the wild. Better yet, it would be neat to take pictures with me by each one of them. This would be quite the feat since some of them are quite remote and rare, like my favorite tree in the world: the Foxtail pine. it lives only above 8,500 feet and there are only two small region where they grow, separated by 300 miles or something. Most people that see them don’t even know what they are.

Other than all of that I am chilling in Visalia while my parents pick up supplies. I did some work for my adviser, which could have taken a while but I managed to alter some previous code and bust it out real quick. Teh sw33t.

It doesn’t look like Sean will go backpacking with us…and it also doesn’t look like we’ll be able to go rafting with him.

This funny thing happened, but you had to be there. I was ^_^