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The Game: You Are Back In It

This summer has had it’s ups and downs. Bit by bit, I move along. But I have learned at least one thing.

My option-space for partners is a lot larger in California than it is in Texas. I am not quite sure why this is, but I do know how I feel about it. Somewhat disappointed. This is one of those very few things that I am more or less upset that I live in Texas. I wanna have my pie and eat it too. While it is nice to know that you *could* have a date, consistently being told no because of 1500+ miles is a little frustrating. Granted it has been a while since I have even wanted to play the field. Now that I am again, I have been as successful as I could reasonably achieve.

So what is the deal with Tejas?

Well near as I can tell there are a few things. The first is that I lost a lot of weight while I have been out in Austin. This means the out in California, people compare me to their memory of me. So I am competing with myself and doing really well! However, in Texas and among people I have not previously known I am still competing with the rest of the world in terms of appearance. Tough break.

Next, the community (or communities) in California allow for the rekindling of old flames and the introduction to a variety of new people. Of course, this plays off a lifelong history of generating and keeping friends in a collection of places. Not only by myself, but also by my friends. I have only been in Texas a couple of years AND the community doesn’t really support this behaviour.

Lastly and obviously, there is school. While in Texas I am quite focused on my studies. And I tend to be rather worked and tried a good portion of the time. Then all of my big blocks of free time I spend out of state. More or less then very little of my socializing is spent in Austin trying to play the local field. I am just too busy and otherwise occupied.

I think I have solutions to all of these points. But that is another post. If you take nothing else from this, understand that I am now back in business. The closed sign has been flipped to open. Renovations are mostly complete.