Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

The Book I have been reading lately is…

Non-Linear Dynamics and Chaos by Steven Strogatz.

This book is much better than I remember it being when I took my class with it. Mostly because it was supplemental and not helpful to the mathematics being taught in the class I was in.

However this book and This movie have convinced me to go back into physics ASAP. But don’t tell anyone. I still need to make it out of Nuclear Engineering with a degree. I think the only way to sever ties happily is to convince them that it is best for me to leave. I kinda don’t know how I am going to do this nor exactly how I can guarantee my getting in here at the UT Physics dept. I have certainly learned a lot in my year off. Most importantly I have learned that I accomplish much more when I am not in a relationship or near family or any of my traditional distractions. I think that is why I do very well whenever I jump from place to place. Is settling down an option?

Also Sean and Nick are both living in Santa Cruz and I am very envious. It looks like Shane and Andrew will both be in Irvine and I am seriously jealous. I have always relied on Andrew to provide the friend group where I wasn’t a dominant personality (read Extrovert). Now that he is forming his own, second friendships (and integrating them with his current and past as he always does) I would like to be there for it. Furthermore, How tight would it be to go to college with my brother albeit Grad and Undergrad…That would be more fun than a keg of drunk monkeys.

Instead I am moving to Idaho.

Austin will be hard to leave and I don’t think my time is up here yet. I don’t foresee myself dating anyone while I am here, which may be compelling enough a reason to leave. If I can find no suitable method of occasionally satisfying my carnal desires, then I’ll be pretty sick of this place after about three years I think. Also it might be culture shock moving back to a place not Texas. I have carved out a home here and I am loathe to leave.

All of this because of Chaos. I am working diligently and strongly for my professors. They give me unreasonable demands that I was once able to fulfill, but now that I am having all these weird stomach aches and vegan-ish, I am having trouble accomplishing with, if you pardon the pun, any regularity. I feel if I am going to work my tuchas off and not really make a livable wage, then I should at least be doing something I love. Something I can get excited about. Something I can jump up on a table and shout about how cool it is. It is weird, but I finally found something that is intuitive and challenging and fun to me; and yet I am not doing it. Step by Step, I will get there. My five year plan has changed every year for the past three or four years. Sometimes it has vacillated more than once a solar cycle.