Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Thank you all for trancendental Parrots

Hi all,

I am totally here and Totally made it out of my talk just fine. I made a lot of very interesting observations at the conference. I very much meta-gamed it.

I am trying to develop the persona s.t. people instantly look at me and know (implicitly) that I am meta-gaming but have them just think of it as an aspect of my personality and therefore not think of me as someone trying to extort/control them, but rather as some stuffy academic whose head is too big and can’t control it and knows not what he does.

My cover keeps getting blown by the fact that I do know what I do. What then confuses people though is my willingness to play the game even after both parties have it figured out.

The rate at which I am reinventing myself has considerably slowed down I fear. I think my first visit to Idaho really shattered me and left a deep cleavage in the granite of my force of will.

I feel so normal.

I don’t think that this has ever been a problem for me before. What is worse is that it is easy.

It is easy to be just some guy.

I think the fedora helps. What awes about the hat is that it instantly draws the eyes away from me and onto itself. More importantly it draws the eyes away from my increasingly self-conscious stomach. That is right folks, my abdominal area has achieved sentience and is rising up to over-take me. Needless to say, I like the hat.

People look at me and remember some man in a hat. Not a guy with a beard or some such. It makes me feel very man-in-the-street-ish sans street addendum hat.

Love is so easy to construct on paper.

The things that pass for Knowledge I can’t understand.
—Steely That-One-Guy