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Tamil Trouble

Alright folks, I rarely proselytize. So that should note to you that this is important.

In event that you don’t know, the Tamil people are the ethnic minority in Sri Lanka. The history of the Tamil’s shows striking parallels to that of my own people. I don’t have the space here to go into full, comparative detail. So let’s start with modern history then.

Most people in the United States are keenly aware of the strife that British Empire introduced to the Middle East with their policy of Partition for Israel/Palestine in 1948. To a lesser extent, we understand that our chums across the pond created huge problems for the world when they partitioned India from Pakistan at the same time. What is not well known here is that at the same time that India and Pakistan were split, Sri Lanka was made into a separate sovereignty.

Stemming from the independence came many problems. Mired in history that I am not covering here, Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority have been effectively at war since 1948. From such a prolonged conflict has come many unsavoury types and deeds on both sides. I am not here to argue who was worse when. I am here to sue for pluralism.

In a recent push, the Sinhalese-majority government declawed the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam, the Tamil’s former military establishment. However, it appears that this has been just the first step in a larger attempt on genocide on the Sri Lankan Tamils.

I bring this up now on the urging of one of my friends and her mother. They are Tamil living in diaspora. Specifically, they requested for me to bring to the attention of my friends and relations a recent condemnation of the Sri Lankan government made by Elie Wiesel, the famous holocaust survivor and author.


Wherever minorities are being persecuted we must raise our voices to protest.  According to reliable sources, the Tamil people are being disenfranchised and victimized by the Sri Lanka authorities.  This injustice must stop.  The Tamil people must be allowed to live in peace and flourish in their homeland.

  • Elie Wiesel, June 30th 2009

Please, if there is any news outlet, religious organization, or the like that you could forward this statement onto, I know it would be appreciated.  Help send the message that this sort of inhuman behaviour will not be tolerated in the 21st century.  You have my personal gratitude.