Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Taking the black

t’asoiaf’;dr - I am moving to Chicago.

Dear Ser Erick,

Upon forging my chain and becoming a maester in mine own right, I regret to inform you that cannot remain in your leal service.  My time spent in study in these southron lands must come to an end.  I have heard the call; the realms need me.

I have decided to take the black.  The Wall needs as much support as it can muster.  Maesters are in short supply to help fight back the dread things stirring in the uncivilized lands to the north.  I will enter the ranks as a steward to research the coming troubles.  Castle Black has excellent resources and premier library.  However, it is my understanding that I will spend much of my time in the Gift, on the Wall’s southside, on a plain known as Hyde Park.

Please wish me good tidings in this venture.  I know I had planned to stay within this kingdom for many more years, but the shifting sands of fate conspire to place me elsewhere.

Health & Wealth,
Maester Skopes