Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

I follow myself in song…

If you knew how I longed
for you now that you’re go-o-o-one,
you’d grow wings and fly home to me, home tonight.
Little killer froggy where did you hop?
Under the entertainment center, realized you just couldn’t stop.
I almost died,
It was so embarrassing.
But I ...

Scopatz P.I. 2009

Is Elvis Dead?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Maybe Not

So New Years Eve was fun. But then again, it was terrible. A couple of seeds that were planted in 2008 came to fruition and I am not entirely pleased with the yield. Still, I am enough of an academic to appreciate ...

Tween Rant

I am delightfully, shamefully, obsessively enthralled by “A Double Shot at Love“. Much to my academic disgrace.

The show is basically a dating ‘reality’ show with twin bisexual women as the love object. Separately of course. We still believe in strict monogamy on MTV apparently. And that right there is ...

Forgotten Film Rant #8

So this past week was rather busy, and so I didn’t get to watch a proper movie. However I did finish a Gundam mini-series (more on this later).

Basically, I had an excellent weekend. I even got to hang out with Naole and Melody and Anthony and Robin for ...

Walker: The Gender-Bending Texas Update!

Everyone (who was reading this then) remembers my OKC romps. [Yes, I know a straight female profile needs to go up.]

So just tonight I went back to check and see how my little munchkins were a-doing. I was floored when I saw that Mark had 75 messages in his ...

Happy New Year!

L’Shana Tova, Everybody.

All apologies this time around seem to be going very well this year. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you will. I still have a week.

Especially satisfying was an email to a certain super-marine Squid.

On a totally unrelated note: Being single suddenly seems ...

Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart

So to all you Ryans out there in the world, Damn You!

I love you guys so much, but there is just no way I will ever be as funny as you. You are the people that I feel so much less funny around because you are just that hilarious ...