Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Status Back Baby

This weekend was the first time I have genuinely enjoyed myself since I got to Raleigh, and it was lovely! Here is how it all went down:

Wednesday: After my meetings in the morning and afternoon, I went and got a haircut in preparation for…


Thursday: …when I went to ...

Feel the (Old || Gay || Dead) Love

Shit! It has been a week! I really am not getting to write as often as I need to. Such brief solace, my tabula rasa overfloweth.

I am not going to ramble on about what I have done in the past week. The following few statements will have to suffice ...

[Flipside: 3] Radical X

As a burn event, Flipside follows out of some basic principles. Many of these are similar to the general backpackers’ credo. However, the most interesting of these are the radical ones: Radical Inclusion, Radical Self-Reliance, and Radical Self-Expression.

Radical Inclusion:

The most self-evident of the three, the idea that anyone ...

Walker On

While rereading some of my old posts recently, I was reminded of the Good ‘Ole OK Cupid - Walker Project. For the newer readers, I have a series of fake, passive OKC profiles where I let people message me. Humor follows. Check out the link.

So here is an update of ...

Read or Die or Don’t

So it looks like I might have an expanding LJ readership. Welcome! I write to my audience, both seen and secret. So in honor of this I will write an entirely selfish post.

The noun-phrase of the day is “Body Fat Percentage“.

Alright, we all know I have weird physiology ...

All that glitters….

(12:34:04 AM) captaingrydk: I wasn’t in my sexual prime for most of those XX years.

(12:34:14 AM) Avilin Faithful: Are you now?

(12:34:19 AM) captaingrydk: Am I?

(12:34:22 AM) captaingrydk: Hell if I know.

(12:34:29 AM) captaingrydk: More so ...