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I think, therefore I amino acid.

[Sequoia: Days Two - Five] More Crazies, Fewer Bears

Whooo Ok. Let’s finish this off here.

Day 2: Believe it or not, the second day was when the pucky really hit the fan. Shane and I slept soundly the night before so we got sort of a late start. We saw the Tortoises a couple of more times ...

[Seqouia: Day One] Yearly Backpacking Trip

So it has now been a few weeks, I suppose, since I went backpacking with my brother Shane in Sequoia. But if it is any indication of how hectic my life has been recently, I am just sitting down to write the post about it.

The long and the short ...

Backpacking Pictures

Hello All,

I know it has been a while. But here are the pictures from my backpacking extravaganza. The photos have captions and follow a story.

Or you can just watch the slideshow directly.

Either way, I hope to post about some of the things that cannot be expressed by ...