Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

[Pallas: 3] Sultry

Hello California! This one is for you. If you can read this, consider yourself privileged.

So it might be the case that I am a terrible person.

The Story:

So remember that girl from Belleville from the previous Pallas posts, Beanie, who I went with to buy some tequila. Well ...

[Pallas: 2] Serious, Hilarious, Thoughtful

Continuing, the weekend camp out was chalked full of meeting people, which means that it was full of new emotions and discovering new ways of mixing up my many varied personalities.

Now before you get too many misconceptions, most of these new folk I was skinny dipping in the aforementioned ...

[Pallas: 1] Awesome

I was planning on writing this yesterday, but if you follow my twitter you would know that I completely broke my system while moving to the latest stable kernel release (2.6.28). This was not without purpose; I needed my computer to function a bit better for work and ...

The chalice with the Pallas is the brew that is true!

Not Andrew here. This weekend deserves a post. However, this is my third attempt. Maybe I should hire a ghost-writer. Getting the right blend of serious, awesome, sultry, thoughtful, hilarious is difficult. I am not that good of a writer. I can tell you all about possible health effects of ...