Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

The Once and Future Pumpkin

My Halloween kinda sucked. For some stupid reason a conference paper draft deadline was at midnight.. So guess who got to work 12 hours that day. I submitted the paper at 10:45pm. Needless to say, it did not leave a lot of time for partying.

But with the help ...

Somebody’s Grandpa in North Carolina Loves Me!

This trip to Raleigh validates so many of my beliefs. Whatever started in Gainesville has been reinforced here. I don’t want to leave; What a twist!

I do not have time to reiterate all of the lovely people here. But Austin, you get me back. I am coming for ...

Lines Open: Quarter Life Crisis Party? We can help.

The times are fast upon us. That is right people, my first in a series of 25th birthdays is coming up! (I subcontract out City of Austin Utilities to Tuck Everlasting Water Management.) But my birthday is on a Tuesday this year. LAME.

Therefore, I have pegged off Friday August ...


Hello crowdsource!

Does anyone have any idea what the hell OrFunner is?

Is it some sort of acting class? A secret cabal I am not cool enough to join? A space walk? A pickle?!

Together we can do more…

State: On The Edge

Well, here we are at the first post of the summer. In truth this post should have happened many days ago. Normally, I post a lot more when I am travelling because of the random periods of downtime which give me an opportunity to blather on. But in my backlog ...