Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

You know nothing, Anthony Snow

Well it seems like I can’t please everyone. Some people think my posts are too long. Others feel they are too cryptic. Still others think that my ‘musings on women’ and my sexuality are ‘annoying.’


Exciting News! So given the recent criticisms, I am going to tell you about ...

The Cookies Are Delicious, Much Like Your Mother

So yes, I now have an excess of chocolate coffee cookies. Come and Get ‘Em!

On A Totally Unrelated Note: Yesterday, my bicycle decided to launch me off of it. I am alright. Mostly.

This used to be my knee:
And this used to be my wrist:

On A Totally ...

Two Quick Things While He Is In Town

1) If you didn’t know, Nakia was in a car accident tonight. She is fine, if a little bruised and currently car-less.

2) I am currently home in Austin, until Wednesday. If you want to do lunch or coffee or dinner Tuesday, let me know! Call, write, carrier pigeon…

Backpacking Pictures

Hello All,

I know it has been a while. But here are the pictures from my backpacking extravaganza. The photos have captions and follow a story.

Or you can just watch the slideshow directly.

Either way, I hope to post about some of the things that cannot be expressed by ...

Almost Sex, Almost Normal

Hey Cowboy, This post ain’t for the weak of heart!

I had the most incredible weekend!


So it started off of Friday night with me sending out my PhD Proposal. This, of course, left me a stringless, dessicated husk of a man. Therefore I proceeded to go to a ...