Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

The Cookies Are Delicious, Much Like Your Mother

So yes, I now have an excess of chocolate coffee cookies. Come and Get ‘Em!

On A Totally Unrelated Note: Yesterday, my bicycle decided to launch me off of it. I am alright. Mostly.

This used to be my knee:
And this used to be my wrist:

On A Totally ...


More of my diet needs to be replaced with coffee. It is known.

Real food hates me. Or my GI tract hates real food. Or something.

Maybe I require more Tequila.

Nawwwww I’ll stick with coffee.

For Now.

Did you know that Newman-O’s have 65 kilocalories per cookie ...


Yesh…I am tired.

A lot has been going on lately. After my vacation to the west coast, a week later my parental unit (mother, father, and grandmother) visited for a week. While all of this was quite exciting, pleasant, and needed I am now far behind on real work ...

Significantly Fatter and Happier

Well ok…not that much fatter. But I did eat a lot of bread!

BUT I am back in Austin! I had an excellent time on my vacation. You may have noticed the near radio (internet) silence on my end in the past week. Here is what I was doing ...

La La La

So I finally made it to LA.

More or less peeps all up and down the CA coast agree it is time. If you don’t know what I am talking about, that is ok too.

On a totally unrelated note, at least three people know what Super Secret Project ...

Scopatz P.I. 2009

Is Elvis Dead?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Maybe Not

So New Years Eve was fun. But then again, it was terrible. A couple of seeds that were planted in 2008 came to fruition and I am not entirely pleased with the yield. Still, I am enough of an academic to appreciate ...

Faith is always greener

Melody and Robin and I got into religious discussion where I think Melody and I were both playing a very weak Devil’s advocate half of the time.

More or less, what I don’t understand is why people (hard atheists, etc) bag on Religion (as a concept) because specific ...