Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

You know nothing, Anthony Snow

Well it seems like I can’t please everyone. Some people think my posts are too long. Others feel they are too cryptic. Still others think that my ‘musings on women’ and my sexuality are ‘annoying.’


Exciting News! So given the recent criticisms, I am going to tell you about ...

Two Quick Things While He Is In Town

1) If you didn’t know, Nakia was in a car accident tonight. She is fine, if a little bruised and currently car-less.

2) I am currently home in Austin, until Wednesday. If you want to do lunch or coffee or dinner Tuesday, let me know! Call, write, carrier pigeon…

Feel the (Old || Gay || Dead) Love

Shit! It has been a week! I really am not getting to write as often as I need to. Such brief solace, my tabula rasa overfloweth.

I am not going to ramble on about what I have done in the past week. The following few statements will have to suffice ...

[Pallas: 3] Sultry

Hello California! This one is for you. If you can read this, consider yourself privileged.

So it might be the case that I am a terrible person.

The Story:

So remember that girl from Belleville from the previous Pallas posts, Beanie, who I went with to buy some tequila. Well ...

Read or Die or Don’t

So it looks like I might have an expanding LJ readership. Welcome! I write to my audience, both seen and secret. So in honor of this I will write an entirely selfish post.

The noun-phrase of the day is “Body Fat Percentage“.

Alright, we all know I have weird physiology ...

Loop Over My Heart

I have always been a proponent of not wasting time on dating people you know you are not interested in. That being said, what one wants and what one thinks one wants are typically quite disparate when one starts dating. So like many things in my life I have followed ...

Significantly Fatter and Happier

Well ok…not that much fatter. But I did eat a lot of bread!

BUT I am back in Austin! I had an excellent time on my vacation. You may have noticed the near radio (internet) silence on my end in the past week. Here is what I was doing ...

Still, Cleared Out

So I am currently killing time in Hollywood. Specifically, I went to Larry Edmunds Bookshop to pick up some more stills. I have been planning this for months. It didn’t quite work though, since the list of names I brought in was not what they had available. This didn ...