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inSCIght Episode 6: Cython

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Bootstrap yourself in and prepare for episode 6! This week we discuss the Cython project and some of the impressive things you can do with this ever-more essential language. The skinny is that code written in Cython can be compiled ...

inSCIght Episode 4: PyCon 2011 Recap

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In episode 4 we present a fun, yet by no means comprehensive, overview of PyCon 2011. PyCon, the conference dedicated to the Python programming language, presents a unique opportunity for meeting and engaging not just the traditional software development community, but also the scientific ...

inSCIght Episode 1: Managing & Modernizing Legacy Code

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In episode 1, our rambunctious crew of physicists and nuclear engineers discuss a common problem in all of scientific computing: legacy code!  We wax philosophic on issues in this space and provide suggestions for real-world solutions when you happen to inherit un-documented, un-tested, often-used ...

inSCIght Episode 0: Strata Con & Big Data

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Welcome to the inSCIght, the scientific computing podcast!

In our first episode we have a review of the recent O’Reilly Strata Conference.  This leads into a larger discussion of what is “Big Data”, who uses it, and how to steward it for future ...