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I think, therefore I amino acid.

The Post that was Promised: A Plethora of Anthonys

This weekend was pretty stellar. It could have gone either way, but it actually turned out pretty damn well. This pleases me.

The best single quote of the weekend was at the begging. I was at Guy’s Night on Friday which was pretty fun. Hanging out, watching people get ...

Forgotten Film Rant #8

So this past week was rather busy, and so I didn’t get to watch a proper movie. However I did finish a Gundam mini-series (more on this later).

Basically, I had an excellent weekend. I even got to hang out with Naole and Melody and Anthony and Robin for ...

Cpt. Bright really is just Tomino

Hot Damn! I finished Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ tonight. My heart was skipping beats every minute. It. Was. Awesome.

But because they rarely do close-ups without space suits, I just noticed something for the first time tonight. Glemy Toto, breeder of Elepeo Puru and Puru Two, paramour of Roux Louka ...

Happy New Year!

L’Shana Tova, Everybody.

All apologies this time around seem to be going very well this year. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you will. I still have a week.

Especially satisfying was an email to a certain super-marine Squid.

On a totally unrelated note: Being single suddenly seems ...

Ridiculously Blonde

I did this a couple of weeks ago, while avoiding real work. But since then, I have been too busy with real work to actually post this.

As a GNU/Linux user and computational scientist, I spend a lot of time looking at computer screens. So a while ago I ...