Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Rainbow in the Dark

Remember when it was all cold and rainy and we went out to the looking place. There was that rare storm on the ocean between the islands and the coast. The wind was blowing hard. But it was the lightning that was staggering. Some of it even stayed in the ...

San Diego Trip, Family Style

Whew! This one was a deeewwsy!

So this last trip was super intense. I will try to separate the cream from the other butter here.


  1. After the seeing peeps in LA (Meenon, Jessica Simpson, and other enigmatic folk) I went to San Diego (SD) for the big summer family ...

from random import thoughts

for i in range(5):
    print i, “—”, thoughts()

0 — Last Saturday I was up in Three Rivers (3R) with everyone. That morning I needed some supplies so I went out to Village Market. I needed some Pop Tarts for breakfast. They also amazingly had butterscotch schnapps, so I picked ...

Origins of Cannonical D&D Spells

As you may or may not know, there was once a time when Dungeons & Dragons and related role-playing games were based on actual mythology. I think it would be an interesting exercise and possible academic article to denote some of this explicitly. Specifically, in the realm of magic and its ...

Did You Know: Electric Aunt Jemima?

This is so insane I have to tell you *all* about it.

Anthony and Trevor and I all went out to Rudy’s, which is a local Tex-Mex bar-ish hang-out kind-of place.

We were walking around while we waited for a table. We passed this couple a couple of times ...