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I think, therefore I amino acid.

The Once and Future Pumpkin

My Halloween kinda sucked. For some stupid reason a conference paper draft deadline was at midnight.. So guess who got to work 12 hours that day. I submitted the paper at 10:45pm. Needless to say, it did not leave a lot of time for partying.

But with the help ...

[Paris] Metal Burn

It was the best of times, or some other Dickensian nonsense. Paris was much more enjoyable than I had anticipated. The city, if done right, can be quite pleasant. The conference was better than expected as well. I even enjoyed one of the plenary sessions. The first panel was my ...


Hello crowdsource!

Does anyone have any idea what the hell OrFunner is?

Is it some sort of acting class? A secret cabal I am not cool enough to join? A space walk? A pickle?!

Together we can do more…

[Flipside: 6] Back End

Hello All, I have made it safe and sound to Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez! I know I promised not to write anymore about Flipside, but there are a couple of quick things that need addressing and then I may make a post about Religion later. Stay tuned.


Thanks to ...

[Flipside: 5] Sultry

Hello Again California. I mean this in two regards:

I am writing this while on the plane from Austin to Phoenix (and then to Santa Barbara). This post is duly locked to just the California crowds, which increasingly seem synonymous with the set of people who get to read my ...

[Flipside: 4] Sparka de Misfit

NOTE: This is an exploratory post that I am trying to rush out quickly. I am trying to make it very clear what is happening in my head. I welcome your input and comments.

CONFLICT: I am in love with two camps and I don’t quite know what to ...

[Flipside: 3] Radical X

As a burn event, Flipside follows out of some basic principles. Many of these are similar to the general backpackers’ credo. However, the most interesting of these are the radical ones: Radical Inclusion, Radical Self-Reliance, and Radical Self-Expression.

Radical Inclusion:

The most self-evident of the three, the idea that anyone ...