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Walker: The Gender-Bending Texas Update!

Everyone (who was reading this then) remembers my OKC romps. [Yes, I know a straight female profile needs to go up.]

So just tonight I went back to check and see how my little munchkins were a-doing. I was floored when I saw that Mark had 75 messages in his ...


Ok I am sure you all remember that about a month ago or so I made a fake OKCupid profile for Javilina/Jessica. I am sure mostly because my last post pertained to just this.

Well about two weeks ago Patrick made a joke-I-didn’t-know-was-a-joke-at-the-time over AIM. “Hey you should ...


So to explain my prior post. I had this wonderful idea bout a month ago that culminated in some illicit pictures being taken last weekend.

Here is the idea: What if I created a female OKCupid profile for myself? Aside from just getting an answer to the “What is my ...