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I think, therefore I amino acid.

The Post that was Promised: A Plethora of Anthonys

This weekend was pretty stellar. It could have gone either way, but it actually turned out pretty damn well. This pleases me.

The best single quote of the weekend was at the begging. I was at Guy’s Night on Friday which was pretty fun. Hanging out, watching people get ...

Significantly Fatter and Happier

Well ok…not that much fatter. But I did eat a lot of bread!

BUT I am back in Austin! I had an excellent time on my vacation. You may have noticed the near radio (internet) silence on my end in the past week. Here is what I was doing ...


In my first foray into fiction other than “A Song of Ice and Fire” in a long while, I read “Treason” by Orson Scott Card a couple of days ago. A noteworthy event, believe you me.

As his second novel (revised version, like with “Hot Sleep“) it is in some ...

Winter Is All Up In This Bitch

And you just know he is gonna come hard.

I am so proud; my room mate asked for the second book in “Song of Ice and Fire” *before* he had even finished the first one. Awesome.

At this rate he will likely finish the series before a certain someone who ...