Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


It has now been two years.  Since I moved to Texas.  And Such.  This represented a Pair-Of-Dig-‘em Shift in my relationships so it is worth mentioning.  With the temporary move to North Carolina, and the mass exodus of the friend group here in Austin, It seems like this is ...

Jessica Penello

I saw a woman in Central market today who looked a lot like Jessie.  It wasn’t, but she even had your fashion sense.  Not everyone can wear lime green jeans and matching spaghetti string top and get away with it.

Jessie, if you are out there, somewhere, online let ...

Ahhh la Taz

Ahhh la Taz! Why do you taunt me so?

Why do you torment me with your “Look-but-don’t-Touch” policy?

What have I done to send me to this hipster purgatory?

Why can I not block your visual onslaught?

For I am defenseless when you Dual-Wield Flaming Lesbians of Hotness +5 ...