Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Status Back Baby

This weekend was the first time I have genuinely enjoyed myself since I got to Raleigh, and it was lovely! Here is how it all went down:

Wednesday: After my meetings in the morning and afternoon, I went and got a haircut in preparation for…


Thursday: …when I went to ...

Feel the (Old || Gay || Dead) Love

Shit! It has been a week! I really am not getting to write as often as I need to. Such brief solace, my tabula rasa overfloweth.

I am not going to ramble on about what I have done in the past week. The following few statements will have to suffice ...

[Flipside: 3] Radical X

As a burn event, Flipside follows out of some basic principles. Many of these are similar to the general backpackers’ credo. However, the most interesting of these are the radical ones: Radical Inclusion, Radical Self-Reliance, and Radical Self-Expression.

Radical Inclusion:

The most self-evident of the three, the idea that anyone ...

Almost Sex, Almost Normal

Hey Cowboy, This post ain’t for the weak of heart!

I had the most incredible weekend!


So it started off of Friday night with me sending out my PhD Proposal. This, of course, left me a stringless, dessicated husk of a man. Therefore I proceeded to go to a ...

Loop Over My Heart

I have always been a proponent of not wasting time on dating people you know you are not interested in. That being said, what one wants and what one thinks one wants are typically quite disparate when one starts dating. So like many things in my life I have followed ...