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Super (Monkey) Tuesday

So I can’t find a link right now (of course, thought try this), but I have repeatedly seen in various printed and online publication various checklists of all of the presidential candidates and their stances on various positions. (Perhaps you know of one, Kerry Prime?)

Repeatedly, these studies have said that there were only two (real, not lip service) environmentalist candidates as I recall. These two were McCain and Richardson. Or Ole’ AZ and NM as one might call them. Well Richardson is out (for now, though please make a VP bid even though this will likely go to Edwards).

Q. So What does Super (Not Monkey) Tuesday leave us with?
A. McCain vs Either Obama or Clinton.

Thus on the environmentalism issue which is closest to my heart, it looks like the republicans have won. Clinton clearly is a social reforms candidate and doesn’t care (which is why Bill had Gore in the first place). Obama, from his speech at the Obamarama down here deep in the heart of Texas was also pretty clearly not putting the environment anywheres close to the top of his list. He is very much an Anti-war, populist candidate.

I dislike McCain on many issues. Unfortunately, I dislike Hillary on those same issues for different or even the same reasons. Obama, of course, is fuzzy on anything that isn’t related to Iraq.

If this is what the Presidential race has come to, I might have to go McCain. Not that being in Texas, my choice in president will really make a difference. My state is going to McCain with or without my electronically cast ballot.