Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Sunday Gun Show

When I first arrived in Houston a week and a half ago, my boss called it “the City that Oil built.” I have experienced a strong correlation between such liquid markets, the willingness for people to live in underground tunnels, and the general lack of vegan options.

Downtown Houston is a weird place.  It never seems busy though one may saunter through the avenues framed by monolithic buildings.  The architecture is grandiose and diverse.  But you have to wonder who lives in these constructs if you are the only one on the street.

During the day, the city is teeming with life.  Like white blood cells they traverse the internal circulatory infrastructure.  Exiting the anonymous hall’s glassy dermis for any length of time must be death for these oxygen-carrying modula.  Unless, of course, it is their smoke break.

I wish the clockwork city didn’t checkout at 6 pm.  I like the night life, baby.