Anthony Scopatz

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Suitable Hours

Amazingly, I went to my first coffee shop in Raleigh tonight. (Huge shock I know…)

Even more amazingly I believe I discovered this town’s version of Little City [the Austin gay cafe for those not in the know]. Hilarious and providential that the first place I randomly choose that has both free WiFi and suitable hours is of this type.

Only here, I didn’t get the stares, or at least that many. If anything, for whatever cultural or subcultural reasons *I* am the one who is overdressed! And I am just wearing my typical grad school cosplay. I did’t even have my fedora on!

All in all, the coffee was good. However it was difficult to get work done here. The music was very loud where I was sitting and there was a retarded amount of eye candy. There were at least five (5) “You, Me, No Questions Asked” types in the room. And really, how often does that happen to anyone?!

In summary, I am torn on whether to go back between productivity and how Mark feels about Twain.