Anthony Scopatz

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Still, Cleared Out

So I am currently killing time in Hollywood. Specifically, I went to Larry Edmunds Bookshop to pick up some more stills. I have been planning this for months. It didn’t quite work though, since the list of names I brought in was not what they had available. This didn’t stop me from buying anything though ~_~. We just had to be creative with what we looked up.

I restrained myself and *only* purchased one Colleen Moore still. She is dressed in traditional Spanish/Mexican garb. It is hilarious/awesome. All of their Seven Samurai folder was cleared out and so I could not get a picture of Keiko Tsushima (who plays the sexually active girl in Seven Samurai). Also their folder’s for “Nights of Cabiria” and “la Strada” were empty. So the picking for Guilietta Masina were very slim. But I did manage to get a few decent ones. Specifically, this one.

And randomly I found a poster for “Dangerous Curves” featuring Clara Bow. It screamed out “Don’t You Want Me?!” So I bought it.