Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


I haven’t made a srs post in about a week, so I figure it is about time.

Well known is my love for GRRM’s writing. Unfortunately, his home was just broken into. But more proof of the man’s brilliance is that he ends his not-a-blog post about this with,

And somewhere out there, some asshole has my sword.”

More or less I have been busy last week because aside from my normal duties, I needed to rewrite all of my work up to this point AND get it to work better (ie faster). Which I totally did. This version of the code is actually fully object oriented. Pimp.

But I did manage to fit in my first (one-shot) game of 4th Ed. D&D. In general, some things were very streamlined as compared to 3rd. Combat still takes too long, but less time than 3rd, so this is kind of a win. However, they took out or changed so many canonical components that it is tough to ascribe the D&D label to it.

My notorious ability to frustrate even veteran GMs is still sharp. The only reason I bring this up is because Michael described it in a new and apt way last night. The mentality that “everything is an opportunity” is what throws people. You would think that this would be toned down when I am playing dumb characters (w00t, Razza)…but no, they just see less intelligent choices.

This very much stems from what I see the point of RPGs to be. If you are going to suspend your disbelief enough to represent a person in a “magical world where anything is possible”, then By Golly why would I limit myself to just busting in the heads of fake monsters and avoiding spiked pit traps?

For better of worse, the one-shot got me all pumped up. I now feel very compelled to run “A Song of Ice and Fire” game. But it will have to wait until Michael is done with the books so at least one of the players knows what is going on in cannon (which we would be playing inside of). Good luck playing mages, you crazy folk.

And of course, I re-purchased “Welcome to My Nightmare”, since my 8-track broke. I must be dreaming, please stop screaming!