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Southern California Visitation Rights

So I have spent the time since my last post traveling around and seeing peoples.

Last night, Meenon and Jessica Simpson (still hilarious) had some good things to say about Enigmas to me. Without getting into it, balance of interest and honesty at the early stages of a non-relationship is something that they have a unique perspective on (among my friends).

This morning+, Meenon and I went lingerie shopping (for her, not me though I did see some fun stuff). We in fact went to Fredrick’s of Hollywood *in Hollywood!* It was fun and helped with a costume idea about gloves. We had pizza for lunch.

Perhaps most importantly we went to this fairly famous (though the name escapes me) film bookstore in Hollywood. They also happen to have a bunch of movie stills and posters. Unfortunately, they did not have a poster of “Her Wild Oat”. However, they did have a bunch of Coleen Moore stills. I ended up buying five (5) of them ^_^.

After that I drove down to San Diego in the afternoon. I met up with Kerry Deuce for dinner and then we hung out for a few hours. It was a good time. Now I am here in the hotel in SD with my family.