Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Selling My Own Private Idaho

Why are cryptographers annoying to go on car trips with?
They have a map, but they’ll never stop and ask for directions.

Plans for the Bay Area are forming.

It looks like I will be able to go to the San Fransisco Silent Film Festival again this year! How cool is that?! I am thinking about going to the last show on Sunday night called “Godless Girl” which is about a Atheist girl in high school who gets into fights with one of her Jesus-freak classmates. And get this, they both get sent to reform school as punishment.

If anyone wants to go with me I would be way happy.

Also on Saturday, it looks like I am going to stop in Reno to have lunch with meine Muti, who will amazingly be on vacation there.

Unfortunately my life is about to see the loss of a very important Buddha Bed. This is my foam fold out mattress. I am going to have to throw it away since it is all fucking moldy from this shitty apartment. Oh well, it saves me from the $50 shipping cost.

Alright my peeps, I will try to survive my remaining days here. Wish me luck!

You didn’t like my Zen joke? So Sunni.