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So New Years Eve was fun. But then again, it was terrible. A couple of seeds that were planted in 2008 came to fruition and I am not entirely pleased with the yield. Still, I am enough of an academic to appreciate the results even if they are disappointing.

I think I communicate in a fundamentally deviant way. However, no matter how often I try to explain to people what (little?) I have been able to figure out, it still seems like I need training wheels to cope with my friends and they need training wheels for me.

So rather than listing resolutions, here are some of my trip-ups that I hope to learn from.


  • Extro-/Introvert: So apparently everyone under the sun believes that I am an Extrovert. I thought I made it pretty clear that I flip between the two based on the taxonomy of those I am around AND that largely the Extroverted personality is a mask because “being Extroverted is more socially acceptable” [Keirsey, et al]. Even my Introverted friends don’t like it when I am Introverted. Isn’t this incentive to not be “who I really am” [whatever that means]?
  • `Trolling:`_ There are clearly major modal communication differences between myself and my friends. The most common way that these manifest is through the use of Trolling. Just because many people in a group wish to use this method of communication doesn’t imply that it isn’t something I am not sensitive to nor that I enjoy it. On the one hand, I am willing to meet people halfway and compromise. On the other hand, If I tell people that they have crossed the line a dozen times and they refuse to alter their behavior it shows me that they don’t really value me as a friend.
  • Blake: I am so sorry and I did deserve the troll. Even if you weren’t offended, I still find my own behavior abhorrent. Not that you can read this because the post is locked.
  • Social Contract: I think it has now been shown, twice and painfully, that the relationship contract that currently exists for my friends needs errata. Once again I am eager to meet everyone halfway. I want constructive, active, descriptive feedback on my life and for my friends to challenge and watch out for me. (I understand that this may be confusing since there are certainly things I won’t talk about, but other than those topics everything is fair game.) And also, I absolutely 100% require Respect in Friendship. No respect is clear grounds for termination. But what do you want? For me not to generate drama? I am fine with that; I don’t like drama and try to minimize it. But is drama ‘over(?)analyzing’ things? I don’t have a concept of limits here. Please help!
  • Desperado: I don’t want to be drunk and be taken advantage of. Yes, I did give my consent, but I was rather inebriated and tried saying “No” for like an hour (in drunk-time). I was under the impression that my friends would step up and stop me from doing something drunk that I would regret. Unfortunately, because of {Social Contract} and the fact that *some* friends could not stand, let alone step anywhere, intervention did not occur. It was slutty in all of the bad ways and none of the good. (And before anyone from Live Oak says it, Dion++)

I realize that these are all my problems. And like Dan Savage says, I am the lowest common denominator in all of them. But this is why I am slow: I have identified what I need to change, but the option-space of what to change into is So LARGE that without your help I won’t ever be able to narrow it down to a few reasonable choices.

GRAH GRAH GRAH Angry at self and others! How many times can my self-image be shattered in a day and for me to still remain sane? I think I need some sort of stabilizing drugs. Maybe I should self medicate. Booze.