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Science! Solstice is the Start of Summer Not the Middle of It!

So maybe the title of this post should really be “Physics! …”, because due to thermal lag, meteorologically, we are six weeks behind. Which really would make the solstice the midpoint of the colloquial calendar. But if you want to go by the best clock there is, the seasons are delimited by the solstices and equinoxes.

But the Earth being at a certain point in its orbit around the Sun seems as good a reason to celebrate as any. So no worries! Apparently, there are six seasons in India…Damn you Wikipedia for being so damned informative…

…Though, through the usefulness of English, Midsummer also refers to this same general time. Especially, if in regards to a religious context. So maybe the title here is a bit presumptuous.

In any event, the real reason I am posting this is that I have some pictures from the Solstice Parade (Full Gallery) in Santa Barbara.

Naturally, some people gave me ideas for next years Flipside. Like this crowd wearing giant Tetris pieces…


Or the girl doing a suspension act inside of a giant balloon float…


And, we’d be remiss here without the locals on jumping stilts…


But at the end of the day, it all comes down to how chill you are with your family.